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7 Ways Book Readers Can Beat Coronavirus [2020]

How Book Readers Can Beat Coronavirus There’s nothing funny about coronavirus; that’s why I’m putting this article together. We need a laugh in this testing time. Coronavirus is serious.

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Reader of the Month – July 2017

It’s reader of the month time for July 2017. I hope you are well and you are all set for a great weekend. I’ve had another busy week. Jack Creed, Lady Margaret Turnbull and Kate Mackenzie covers have

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5 Healthy Reasons To Join A Book Club

A book club in your area maybe your ticket to better health. Are you a member of one. Here’s five reasons why you should join if you want to live a healthier life. Stimulate your brain According

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Do You Read In Libraries?

Do you still visit your local library? Are libraries a place you go to read? I mean with books being so cheap now and available from all parts of the world, do you still visit a library and borrow books? Well

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What Type Of Reader Are You?

I was reading an article by a book blogger who was describing her reading style. She confessed to being a veracious reader in the sense that she was always reading. But she went on to confess that she

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