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Finding good mystery books should be easy. Readers must be able to enjoy a book when they like, where ever they like without it costing a fortune. Reading is not just for the selected few.

C T Mitchell is an Amazon bestselling author of mystery eBooks and novels with a thriller edge. He is multiple 5 star recipient in the 2017 Readers Choice Awards for his novel Murder Secret (formerly published as Breaking Point).

Street educated, Australian-born C T Mitchell has travelled the world in his business dealings as a real estate negotiator encountering many interesting characters; some outright crooks. He brings these experiences as well as a love for mystery thrillers to his writing..

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​Wedding Day - November 2005 - Cabarita Beach, NSW, Australia

 25 eBooks In 30 Months - 9 x #1 Amazon Bestsellers (in category)

His fast-paced Detective Jack Creed Mystery Series weaves together traditional police procedural practice, global locations, and a hint of thrillers. Described by readers as “Rebus in a Valentino suit" Jack Creed is the ‘hard copper’ you want on your case. But Mitchell's writings aren't all murder mysteries. Readers can also enjoy three different cozy mystery series.

C T Mitchell, married with four adult children, splits his time in both Brisbane and Cabarita Beach - a sleepy seaside village in northern NSW, Australia - the home of his award winning mystery eBooks.

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