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The Secret of Barnesdale Manor
Murder on the beach
High Stakes
Murder at Stoneheaven
The Thin Line
Murder at the Fete


Murder in the Village

Murder in the Cemetery

Murder in the Valley

Just Murdered

Killer in the kitchen

Cupcakes cider and crime

Murder and the mechanic

Murder and the jewellery box


Breaking Point
Breaking Point
Jack Creed Box Set
Jack Creed Box Set

Readers typically like to read books as part of a series. They can be standalone books within a series but there should be some commonality that links the books.

Best Mystery Series Books

The UK has produced quite a few good mystery book series.

Agatha Christies is the Queen of this arena with her series involving Hercule Poirot and Miss Marple. Other great British series include Morse, Touch of Frost, Misomer Murders and Taggart

Australia’s C T Mitchell is a rising mystery fiction author with his best mystery series books set around the northern rivers of NSW.

James Patterson dominates the US scene with is Alex Cross and Women’s Murder Club series

New Murder Mystery Books

Agatha Christie maybe the Queen but with her passing there are no more new murder mystery books for readers.

James Patterson is the most prolific writer of new books many hitting the best new mystery books and best crime books categories. The Patterson machine produces around 50 new murder mystery books a year.

C T Mitchell produces around 6 to 10 new books a year. Many of his short reads can be found in the best new cozy mysteries section on Amazon

Best New Cozy Mysteries

This domain again made popular through Agatha Christie’s Miss Marple character draws in a lot of new cozy mystery authors, mainly from the US along with a good sprinkling from the UK and Australia.

Diane Harman is one of the better rank authors turning out best new cozy mysteries at will.

C T Mitchell’s Lady Margaret Turnbull, Kate Mackenzie, Father Douglas and Selena Sharma series perform well in the best new cozy mysteries category.

Best Crime Books

Crime books tend to be a little stronger than cozy mysteries or mystery books are are well represented by authors like Jeffrey Deaver whose books have a dark side.

C T Mitchell’s Murder Secret could be categorized in the best crime books section as it involves 5 brutal murders committed by a serial killer.