Reader of the Month – July 2017
It's reader of the month time for July 2017. I hope you are well and you are all set for[...]
Building The C T Mitchell Brand
A fellow author said to me "C T, you're everywhere. Your brand is growing" Hmmm I had to think about[...]
5 Healthy Reasons To Join A Book Club
A book club in your area maybe your ticket to better health. Are you a member of one. Here's five[...]
What Jeffrey Deaver Told Me Over Lunch
Jeffrey Deaver had lunch with me this week in Brisbane, Australia. When I say me, I mean myself and 120[...]
Austin Macauley Delivers On A Book Deal
Austin Macauley pays book advance Austin Macauley continues to live up to it's promises. Not only has the UK publisher[...]
Crime Writers Association Accepts C T Mitchell
Wikipedia describes the Crime Writers' Association (CWA) as a writers' association in the United Kingdom. It was founded by John Creasey[...]
Austin Macauley Publishing Signs C T Mitchell
Book Publishing Goes Hybrid Chairman of Wood Duck Media, Greg Reed, announced last week that mystery thriller bestselling author C[...]
Bollywood Wedding In Melbourne
An Easter Bollywood Wedding Just spending Easter weekend 2017 in Melbourne Australia to attend a Bollywood wedding thanks to a[...]
C T Mitchell Denies Buying Opera Residences Penthouse
For 8 months the debate has raged as to whether or not mystery novels bestselling author C T Mitchell was[...]
Best Crime Author In The World – Is It C T Mitchell?
Can the words best crime author and C T Mitchell really appear in the same sentence? Who Is The Best[...]
A Spicy New Cozy Mystery Short Read
Namaste Just thought I'd get you in the mood for my new short read. Namaste means 'hello' in Indian. Over[...]
Why Non Writers Should Write
In a world of rapidly changing technology, computers and mobile devices dominate. Typing is the norm but let me tell[...]
Do You Read In Libraries?
Do you still visit your local library? Are libraries a place you go to read? I mean with books being[...]
Murder Victim Name Announced
Check out the video below where I announce the winner of the name of the murder victim I'll use in[...]
Naming A Murder Victim – You Choose
Welcome to my January 2017 kick off call where you get to choose the murder victim in my next book.[...]
Merry Christmas From Australia
Christmas is just five days away. The year seems to have flown by. I'm told that's a sign of getting[...]
Why You Shouldn’t Give Up On Your Day Dream
  Mostly, I was an employee. I kind of did my job even though it consumed eight hours a day.[...]
5 Ideas To Make Money In Self-Publishing Without Writing A Book
Self-publishing is great! There I’ve said it -  I love self-publishing. It’s the vehicle I use to publish my books[...]
What Type Of Reader Are You?
I was reading an article by a book blogger who was describing her reading style. She confessed to being a[...]
5 Things Stephen King Told Me About Writing
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