Do You Read In Libraries?

Do you still visit your local library? Are libraries a place you go to read?

I mean with books being so cheap now and available from all parts of the world, do you still visit a library and borrow books?

Well libraries are still alive and well where I live. In fact the local governing body has been heavily investing in libraries over the past few years. Gone are the dingy old, smelly libraries. They’ve been replaced
with swanky new facilities. However some of the old libraries still ooze character and have enormous WOW factor.

And there’s so much more you can do there now. Take a course, listen to a guest speaker, read global newspapers and magazines. It’s endless. I also love the fact that my library offers free wi-fi. I often go there to catch up on work and be inspired by a different environment.

Some of our great writers have sensational libraries in their homes. Must be something in reading, eh?

How about you? Are you still visiting your library. Here’s a couple to get you back into the mood to visit.

Books and Booze, Norway (photo: Austin Macauley Publishers)

Librairie Ptyx Brussels (photo: Austin Macauley Publishers)

Library Luxembourg Palace Paris (photo Austin Macauley Publishers)

Has that wet your appetite? Here’s 18 more of the world’s best libraries to get you inspired to visit a library again.

What do you think? Is your favourite library here? Leave me a comment below and let me know. Want to share your favourite library. Please add in the Comments section.