125 Ways For Retirees To Read Mystery Novel Bestsellers For Free

Retirees love to read and why not. Having worked for fifty plus years it’s time to enjoy their retirement and do whatever they please. They certainly have time on their side in between their hobbies, visiting the grandchildren or taking a vacation somewhere.

While this all sounds idyllic to the corporate slave working 60+ hours a week, unfortunately a lot of retirees haven’t planned so well for their retirement years. The smell of freedom initially excites them. Some can’t wait to rush out the door and begin their long awaited caravan trip across the country. And deservedly so but some people get over excited and start taking numerous trips early thinking they will have pockets of cash to live on.

With retirees, especially the baby boomers, more into health and looking after themselves than ever before, many may have found the fountain of youth but not necessarily Aladdin’s cave of wealth.

Budgeting maybe necessary as they live longer, sometimes beyond their nest egg. But with careful planning, budgeting doesn’t mean retirees have to miss out on some luxuries in life. As a working person, reading may have been considered a luxury but with plenty of time on their hands, our pensioners can enjoy more and more reading time.

Buying books though can be expensive. A high quality paperback or hardcover from a bestselling author can set you back $15 or more. Yes you can go to the library and borrow them for free but the latest editions are generally months behind before they are stocked. And then there is the parking. Ebooks are usually a cheaper alternative starting from just 99 cents and can be easily stored on a tablet, Kindle or some other eReader. But this too requires money.

However there is another way retirees can enjoy reading without breaking the bank. They can download books for free. Free doesn’t mean poor quality either. Top selling authors will offer their bestsellers periodically for free and promote them on book sites for readers to download.

The internet is a big place. So where do you find these free book sites. Simple. I’ve crowd sourced a list of 125 of the best free book sites. Check out the list below

Free Crime Books

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Free Mystery, Detective, Thriller and Crime eBooks Online

Great list of 125 free book sites


Free Thriller Books – Book Rix


There’s actually more than 125 sites for retirees to download free bestselling novels from listed above.

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