Reader of the Month – July 2017

It’s reader of the month time for July 2017.

I hope you are well and you are
all set for a great weekend.

I’ve had another busy week. Jack Creed, Lady
Margaret Turnbull and Kate Mackenzie covers
have all been revamped and I’m releasing another
Kate Mackenzie cozy mystery soon (more on those next time).

But today I have something more important to
share with you. Let me introduce you to July’s
Reader of the Month (drum roll please)

Carol Ward – Bundaberg, Australia

Let’s hear from Carol:

My name is Carol and I will always be a fan of C.T. Mitchell
for two reasons….he writes great books but mainly because he
took time out of his busy day to say hi to me.

I reside in Bundaberg but in my  will always be a Victorian.
Victoria has everything Qld doesn’t – better weather for one.
Yes, I know all the jokes about Victorian weather but at least
it has changable weather to joke about unlike Bundaberg
where the only thing you need to know is just how hot its
going to be.  Victoria is also the Event capital of Australia.
Always something happening. Then there is the small country
towns and the mountains. Ah, the beautiful Dandenong Ranges
and the Otways to name just two.

I am a single mum of one, a son who is fast approaching his 32nd
birthday (in Dec). I became a single mum when my partner
unexpectingly died when Stephen was just 6 months old.

I have always been a reader. I have always been a library member.
I was given a Tablet for my 60th birthday which opened a whole
new world – the world of ebooks. This is where I learned the phrase
“cosy mystery” and the world of “Indie Authors”. I now must have
close to 400 books on my Tablet. I am in heaven.

To my knowledge I have all C.T. Mitchell books. My favourite are
the Lady Turnbull mysteries but my favourite book will be my signed
copy of  Breaking Point.

Carol is an amazing person and I enjoyed catching up with her last
year.I hope you enjoyed finding out about Carol. We’ll do this again next
month. Keep your stories coming in.