4 Top Goal Setting Strategies For Writers In Coronavirus Times [2020 Updated Edition]

Goal Setting for Writers – It’s That Time Of Year. [Coronavirus strategy included in this update.]

With around two weeks to go before we hit 2020, it’s time to start planning. Yes dust off your goal setting journal and let’s start putting pen to paper.

Perhaps you are a modern goal setting ninja and you prefer to grab a goal setting app. That’s fine. Do what works best for you but let’s start now.

Consider this:

  1. What went right in 2019?
  2. What went wrong in 2019?
  3. Plan to do more of (1) and
  4. Less of (2)

As writers this is the best time of the year to get a little bit of organisation into our lives before those creative juices take hold and we’re darting off in a ‘million different directions’

To give you some ‘inspiration’ I’ll play guinea pig to spawn some ideas for you. Here are my goal setting examples:

What Went Right In 2019

I completed another 4 books, cracked a few more #1’s in category and donated a few bucks to charity.

My team grew and I added a new editor. I cemented my relationship with my cover designer who I think has done a cracking job in 2019.

What Went Wrong In 2019

Early on in the year I darted down too many tributaries and didn’t stay the course on the main game.

I learnt some fabulous skills from my copywriting mentor Michael Shreeve but then tried to add copywriting services to my bow. I grabbed some clients, got paid well, but was distracted from writing books.

Up until June I was very insular. A hermit to some extent. An introvert writer which is not really me.

But post June, I reconnected to the Qld Writers Centre thanks to a book club talk by CEO Lori-Jay Ellis. My energy returned to becoming more community focused.

Planning for 2020

Goal setting for  writers and myself in 2020 will be heavily focused on writing more books.

My aim is to produce another 6 short reads to satisfy my veracious readers as well as attracting new readers who hate ‘500 page novels’.


I also want to crack out another 2 novels and hybrid publish. I love self publishing because of the control it gives me and my ego adores traditional publishers for where they can put me – major book stores.

My extrovert side will also get a work out.

Speaking will be a big focus for me. The Qld Writers Centre has booked me for a workshop in January and I’ve got library dates in Brisbane, Moreton Shire and Ballina all before March.

Austin Macauley Publishers are trying to secure talks for me in London around their Book Fair March 12-14

Video will be big. I’ll start the ‘new diet on 1 January.

What I Won’t Be Doing In 2020

My goal setting will be about focus. Less distractions.

I love the short term hit of writing copy, the quick cash, but not the lack of creativity. I want to write in my voice and not that of a client.

Community will also be on the radar bigger in 2019. I connect well with my own readers, gift them free books and chapters as well as giveaway jewellry, wine and Kindles.

I’m looking to get involved with writing Boards in 2019 to help further expand reading and writing. It’s such an important part of human life.

Goal Setting For Writers – The Summary

Simple. Do more of the good stuff. Drop the distractions. Share the love beyond your immediate readers and grow the writing community.

We may not solve world peace but writers can make the world a much better place. Here’s to a big 2019!

Did I miss anything?

I’d love you to leave a comment and share on social media around:

  • what are you going to do in 2020
  • was your favourite strategy left out? Let me know

The Coronavirus Strategy

Coronavirus has wrecked the world. Businesses have shut, incomes slashed and the Governments are printing money at break neck speed.

So what does this mean for writers? Let’s take a look.

  • Write more. There’s nowhere to go. Coffee shops are closed, cafes are barred up. Grab yourself a good bag of beans or invest in a pod machine and fill yourself with coffee at home. Try a different place within your house or garden to enjoy your coffee. Make it an ‘outing’ and soak up the atmosphere.
  • Connect more with your readers. Send engaging emails to your readers. Show them ‘behind the scenes’. Publish a video of your daily writing ritual. Produce an interview with an editor.
  • Be more visual on social media. Write interesting posts. Allow your followers in with some never seen photos before. Run a q & Q session using video at a set time each week.
  • Fall in love with webinars. Invite 20 of your closest book club members to a monthly Zoom meeting. Let them bring their favourite beverage and turn the hour long connection into a mini party
  • Ensure you have all your books online. Amazon is the king daddy but if you wish to go wide list on Barnes & Noble, and Kobo to name a few.
  • If you are feeling adventurous, record all your books. Readers love audio.
  • Build loyalty through running competitions and having giveaways. I use King Sumo to run all my competitions – they are brilliant!

Coronavirus is not the end of book sales. Provided readers can get your books online or can download an audio version, you’ll continue to make more sales