Wedding Anniversary, Cabarita Beach and Writing

Today is my wedding anniversary. With modern technology, Facebook reminded me this morning that eleven years ago I tied the knot for a second time on Cabarita Beach, northern NSW, Australia. Not that I needed reminding of course but how times have changed.

The kids have all grown up and are making their way in the world. Jacques (left) is finishing off his degree and is now the partner of Tsedey and father of six month old Isabella. Christopher married Taki two years ago and helps children and families as a social worker.

Mitchell is engaged to Alex, lives in Sydney and is changing the city scape as an architect. Taylor is a registered nurse in the emergency department of one of Brisbane’s busiest hospitals. She sometimes gets to see her partner Phil there as he is a paramedic.

Cabarita Beach continues to play a significant role in my life. I never would have guessed that in 2015 I would begin writing crime fiction books in and around Cabarita Beach.

Arriving at today I can’t say any of the journey has been planned which makes me think about all the goal setting stuff guru’s peddle. Life seems to take us on a journey that we never could have imagined. I guess we hope that the journey is good and that if we are dealt any curve balls that we have the ability to handle them and move forward.

Family…….Cabarita Beach………and writing – life is good!