QWC's Adaptable Program Shortlists C T Mitchell - C T Mitchell Books

QWC’s Adaptable Program Shortlists C T Mitchell

Adaptable attracts Australia’s best writers for
a once in a life time opportunity.

Late last year I got involved in the
Queensland Writers Center’s ADAPTABLE
program – turning a book into film.

The QWC received 350 entries and then had
the difficult tasking of culling 310 of them.

Just before Christmas the long list of 40 was culled
again to 25 to create the short list.

I made the short list (woo hoo) and was advised that
I would probably pitch my book to 2 or 3 film people
in February.

I was really excited until they announced the date –
12 February!! I was going to be in Sydney. Argh!!

I was devastated. It meant that I would have to pull out
of the competition and miss the opportunity to pitch –
an opportunity to make it to the ‘big screen’

It was my one shot – and now cruelly taken away. I started
the “why me – this always happens to me” chatter in my head.

I jumped online to work out flight changes. I began plucking up
the courage to ring my Sydney organizers to cancel my 3 day
speaking gig.

I possibly would never get another speaking gig again with them
BUT Adaptable was my one shot at a film or tv series for Jack Creed.

I rang the QWC to advise of my plans and was told to hold off as there
were changes a foot. Next day the QWC phoned me.

“The Adaptable pitch had been changes to 20 March”

Yahooo I was over the moon!

A month went by and my excitement grew. I did some workshops
with Screen Queensland and the QWC to hone my pitching script.
Two or three producers would get the best I could deliver.

On Monday 18 March I got my official programme.

I would be pitching to – 7 – yes seven – screenwriters and film

Wednesday 20 March was one on the best days of my life.

I got to mix with with some of Australia’s best known film
Gods and writers, including Nick Earles (see below) a well respected
author here.

The day was exhausting. Pitching to 7 heavyweights drains you
BUT it was so so good.

The wash up – I’ve got three producers who want to chat further.

So I’m encouraged. It’s a long process. Even if I get optioned it
could take years for a film or television series to be made.


I don’t care. It’s been a hell of a pleasurable experience.

And thank you – yes you – for helping get this far. Your support
is what has kept me going.

Fingers crossed Jack Creed may make it to screen one day.