Juggernaut India Attracts Australian Author C T Mitchell

If you love the concept of digital books, their ease to download and their inexpensive costs over printed books but are blown out of the water by the high cost of purchasing a Kindle, Kobo or iPad, then the following story about Juggernaut India will really interest you.

I Was Standing At The Crossroads

Openly I wish I was at Eric Clapton’s Crossroads concert in 2010. It’s one of the best albums I’ve ever listened to but that’s another story. By crossroads I mean the fork in the road type of crossroad. Here’s what my dilemma has been.

I have a pretty close relationship with my readers. I know that mostly women over 55 years residing in the US read my books which are 99 cent short reads. Now the path to the right is smooth, easy to navigate. I just need to deliver what my audience is already snapping up.

The path to the left however is rocky, unknown and maybe thwart with danger. It throws up the option to deliver more lengthy books, increase the purchase price and perhaps expand into print. Decisions, decisions.

Chiki Sakar and Durga Ragunath, co-founders of Juggernaut India must have stood at a similar crossroad before launching their company. Stick with traditional publishers like Penguin Random House and stay safe or “up the game and start their own publishing house. They chose the latter.”

I Could Put My Head In The Sand And Do Nothing

and things may get worse. An object at rest will remain at rest unless acted upon by an outside force as Newton pointed out. My readers, the people who I connect with every single day, may get squeezed out of the market. If costs soar they may need to downgrade their reading to free books only. Possible but not fair. While there are many good free books on the market, a lot of them are rubbish. The quality is not there. The covers are poor and the story line is lacking. My readers, who have worked for forty or fifty years, some in several labour intensive fields requiring back breaking heavy lifting, should be rewarded in their retirement years with quality, first class books; mystery ebooks in my case.

While I can continue to grow my downloads beyond 125,000+ I will need to look at getting my mystery ebooks in front of a larger audience to supplement my current US, UK, Australian and other western countries downloads. Juggernaut India has the platform that can give me that exposure.

What Most Authors Do

They look at what the ‘big name’ authors do. They see James Patterson on the news signing a few books at the London Book Fair and think they should put a crude card table covered in paraphernalia outside a book store and sit on their $8.95 plastic chair and hope a passerby will not only stop and thumb through a few pages, but actually buy their book so they can make $2 after expenses. Not only do they not sell many or any books, they get no publicity for it either. Book signings by unknown authors simply doesn’t work.

Other authors simply ignore their readers altogether. There is no relationship between them at all. And if the author ‘hears’ about emailing his list (assuming he actually values his readers and builds a list) from some marketing guru, then he/she normally mass blasts the list with his/her latest book offering. But readers are smart. They don’t like to be thought of as money machines and usually such tactics fail dismally. Most people hate being sold to and my readers are no exception.

I on the other hand, love my 10,000+ readers. They hear from me regularly where I’m keen to learn about their life story. And yes occasionally I tell them about a book. Because we get on like a house on fire, their support normally sends my latest release into the top 5 on Amazon US and UK. I appreciate my readers and will never take them for granted and abuse them with ‘buy my book’ emails.

I’m not like most authors according to my readers and I like that. And that’s why as an endeavour to increase my readership and keep my costs low, I’m teaming up with Juggernaut India and spreading my readership base.

If The Only Thing You Got

If the only thing you got was to continue to access fast paced, maximum entertainment quality C T Mitchell reads at a low price, then a partnership with Juggernaut India would be worth it, don’t you agree? You won’t have to buy expensive iPads or Kindles. I’m looking to the next generation of publishing. The platform is expanding and there’s already a snappy app on the Apple store (which I guess is accessible worldwide?)


An audience of 50 million plus English readers hungry to be entertained on their way to work, during their lunch break or enjoying a quiet personal moment. This is the market that Juggernaut India is wanting to tap into. Readers who are wanting short reads right on their phones – and I have 25 available for immediate supply. That’s why Juggernaut India has offered me a publishing agreement to deliver my short stories to 50 million + Indian readers.

It’s Just the Beginning

India has over 230 million smart phone users. Juggernaut India is at the forefront of delivering short reads to a growing market via the phone. With books being offered on a subscription basis similar to Amazon’s Kindle Unlimited programme, Juggernaut can keep costs low for their readers while offering publishers a growing market. It’s a win win.

For me it supplements my western market and helps to keep book purchases low. It also exposes my books to new readers – and I can’t wait to hear their stories. India has such a rich tapestry and diverse culture spread over thousands of years. With more books planned in my Selena Sharma cozy mystery series,  I am looking forward to growing my reader base and partnering Juggernaut India.