Murder Secret Book Trailer - Don't Watch It In The Dark

Murder Secret Book Trailer – Don’t Watch It In The Dark

Murder Secret Book Trailer – A Psychological Thiller

Murder Secret is my latest psychological thriller.

One dark secret. Five acts of revenge.

We meet Detective Jack Creed within two paragraphs. A complex 50 something copper whose anti establishment ways have done him no favours in ascending his career. Completely the opposite in fact.

He’s a traditionalist. Nothing flash except his ‘Gucci’ clothing. Readers refer to him as Ian Rankin’s “Rebus in a Valentino suit”.

But when a double barrelled hyphenated surname, divorcee joins his team, the no nonsense, highly opinionated, crank pot Jack Creed becomes even more brooding.

But he’s desperate. His team is falling apart. He needs new officers, even if they are inexperienced.

Enter Jo Boston-Wright, daughter of a well respected retired policeman. She’ll have big shoes to fill and Jack wont’t give her an easy ride. She’ll have to earn her place in this male dominated Murder Squad. And she won’t get much help from the admin girls either – they all have balls as well.

Jo stumbles a bit but she’s determined to to show the chauvinists up. When she unearths a vital piece of evidence, they all sit up and take notice.

Could it be the break through this ten year old case needs? If she’s right she’ll be the town’s hero but if she’s wrong she’ll end not only her career but Creed’s as well.

You won’t pick the ending in this gripping psychological read from the best thriller books category. Read it here

As part of my book promotion here is the Murder Secret book trailer.

I hope you like it BUT don’t watch it in the dark