Frequently Asked Questions - Mystery Books

Why name your lead character Jack Creed?

I wanted something strong and masculine. Jack is a name to me that resonates with toughness. Creed is different, memorable. Some people think it is connected to the Rocky movies but that’s only a coincidence.

Who reads your mystery eBooks?

A broad section of the market but the majority are in their mid-fifties plus, female and possibly retired. The UK would be my strongest market followed by the US. India and Asia are currently showing growing interest. Many readers use eBook readers or Kindle apps.

Can I read the mystery eBooks out of order?

Absolutely. They are standalone eBooks with common characters.

Why short stories mysteries?

I find short reads appealing in a couple of ways. You can devour them in a single setting or within an hour or two. If you are not a big reader of long novels, short reads gets you into the reading habit. Short stories because of their length have to be fast paced and exude maximum entertainment.

Will you ever write in another genre?

I don’t think so. I love mystery eBooks and thrillers and I’ll stick with that. Romance is best written by women so I would never attempt that genre, albeit the largest read market.

Do you ever see Jack Creed in the movies?

I explore all options even though I may be getting ahead of myself. I have had very loose discussions with an Australian network aimed at turning my books into a television series. India’s Bollywood also appeals.