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Culinary Cozy Mysteries

The Definitive Guide Of Culinary Cozy Mysteries And Authors

What are culinary cozy mysteries?

Culinary cozy mysteries are a blend of cozy mysteries where food plays an important part in the story; particularly the crime.

Popular food includes, cakes, pastries, desserts and tarts. Occassionally other food like pizza or roast dinners are used but not as much as the mainstream.

Here is a list of culinary cozy mysteries as gathered by Please visit their site for great information on culinary cozy mysteries. I’ve left the links in place so you can quickly access the author details.

A-Z Culinary Cozy Mysteries

Avery Aames (aka Daryl Wood Gerber) writes the Cheese Shop Mystery Series which has, as its sleuth, the co-owner of the cheese shop.

Kathy Aarons: Chocolate Covered Mystery Series features sleuth Michelle Serrano, co-owner of Chocolates and Chapters, a combination bookstore and chocolate shop.

Allyson K. Abbott (aka Annelise Ryan & Beth Amos) writes the Mack’s Bar Mystery Series, which features recipes for both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. The series is set in a bar which she (Mack) owns.

Riley Adams (aka Elizabeth Spann Craig) pens the Memphis Barbeque Mystery Series which (of course!) takes place in Tennessee.

Rebecca Adler writes the Taste of Texas Mystery Series starring a head waitress in Texas.

Ellie Alexander writes the Bakeshop Mystery Series.  Jules Capshaw works at her family’s Torte Bakeshop in Oregon.

Ellie Alexander (aka Kate Dyer-Seeley): Sloan Krause Mystery Series. Sloan is a brewmaster in Washington state.

Robin Allen writes the Poppy Markham: Culinary Cop Mystery Series which is set in Austin, and features a health inspector.

Connie Archer pens the Soup Lover’s Mystery Series. It is set in a little Vermont skiing town.

Sandra Balzo writes the Maggie Thorsen Mystery Series which takes place in Wisconsin, where Maggie owns a coffee shop.

Maggie Barbieri writes the Maeve Conlon Mystery Series which features a bakery owner.

Jessica Beck writes the Donut Shop Mystery Series which features the owner of Donut Hearts Coffee Shop as the sleuth… (Doughnut recipes are included!)

Maymee Bell (aka Tonya Kappes): Southern Cake Baker Mystery Series – Sophia Cummings is a pastry chef in Kentucky who owns the For Goodness Cakes bakery.

Claudia Bishop writes two series, one of which is the new Dr. McKenzie series about a veterinarian and his wife. The other series is her hugely successful Hemlock Falls Series. This series features two sisters, one who owns the Hemlock Falls Inn and the other who is the Inn’s chef.

Miranda Bliss writes the Cooking Class Mystery Series which features two best friends who get involved with solving murders when they venture into a world previously unknown to them: the kitchen! Neither of these two can cook, so they take a Cooking Class (thus the title of the series) in which they meet their side-kick sleuth… the cooking class instructor!

Ginger Bolton (aka Janet Bolin): Deputy Donut Mystery Series – Emily Westhill runs a donut shop along with her retired chief of police dad and her Tabby cat, “Deputy Donut” >>> in Wisconsin.

Michael Bond is the author of the Monsieur Pamplemousse Series (as well as the children’s Paddington Bear series!)  Monsieur Pamplemousse, who along with his bloodhound (Pommes Frites) solves crimes when not critiquing restaurants. (Some of the books have recipes, others, don’t.)

Jacklyn Brady (aka Sherry Lewis) writes the Piece of Cake Mystery Series which is set in New Orleans, and features Rita Lucero, a pastry chef. Culinary cozy mysteries to die for.

Catherine Bruns is the author of the Cookies & Chance Mystery Series, featuring a baker.

Julia Buckley writes the Undercover Dish Mystery Series which is set in Illinois and stars Lilah Drake, owner of a catering company where the clients can claim to have cooked the meal.

Lynn Cahoon writes the Farm-to-Fork Mystery Series which features Angie Turner, the owner of a farm-to-table restaurant in Idaho.

Janet Cantrell (aka Kaye George): Fat Cat Mystery Series – Charity (Chase) Oliver makes both people and cat treats in Minneapolis.

Joanna Carl writes the Chocoholic Cozy Mystery Series, and need I say more!?! I must warn you, though… If you are trying to lose weight, and you have the same penchant for chocolate as I do… read these books on a full stomach! (Carl is aka Eve K. Sandstrom)

Sammi Carter writes the Candy Shop Mystery Series which features an ex-lawyer who now owns the Divinity Candy Shop in Colorado. Recipes are included!

Bailey Cates (aka Cricket McRae) writes the Magical Bakery Mystery Series which takes place in Savannah, Georgia. This is a paranormal mystery series.

Chris Cavender (aka Elizabeth Bright, Melissa Glazer, & Tim Myers): Pizza Mystery Series

Laura Childs writes the Cackleberry Club Mystery Series, which is set in a delightfully cozy cafe that has a book-nook corner and knitting shop area.

Mary Jane Clark : Piper Donovan Wedding Cake Mystery Series

Peg Cochran (aka Meg London): Gourmet De-Lite Mystery Series (Low calorie recipes are included.)

Nancy Coco (aka Nancy J. Parra): Candy-Coated Mystery Series (Includes recipes)

Susan Conant, along with her daughter, Jessica Conant-Park writes the Gourmet Girl Mystery Series.

Maya CorriganFive-Ingredient Mystery Series, featuring the manager of a fitness club’s café.

Shelley CostaMiracolo Mystery Series is set in Philadelphia and features a chef in her family’s Italian restaurant.

Isis Crawford is the author of the Mystery with Recipes Series that features two sisters who own the Little Taste of Heaven Catering and Bake Shop in New York. (Some of you might be familiar with more of Crawford’s work as Barbara Block… and her Robin Light mystery series.)

Jessie CrockettSugar Grove Mystery Series – Dani Greene works at her family-owned maple sugar farm in Sugar Grove, New Hampshire.

Carol Culver (aka Grace Carroll) pens the Pie Shop Mystery Series which features Hanna Denton as the sleuth who moves back home to take over her grandmother’s pie shop.

Diane Mott Davidson‘s Goldy Bear Catering Mystery Series is probably one of the most recognizable culinary theme cozy mystery series. The series is set in a picturesque area of Colorado and features Goldy (the caterer) who provides the best catered food in town and manages to solve a lot of the best crimes in town, also! (The books include recipes.)

Krista Davis writes the Domestic Diva Mystery Series which centers around Sophie Winston, a… (What else?!) domestic diva! Since the series is a culinary mystery series, it includes recipes to follow along with the clues.

Maddie Day (aka Edith Maxwell & Tace Baker): Country Store Mystery Series – Robbie Jordan owns the Pans ‘N Pancakes Country Store restaurant in South Lick, Indiana.

Gale Deitch writes the Trudie Fine Mystery Series. Trudie is the co-owner of a catering company in Washington, D.C.

Devon DelaneyCook-Off Mystery Series – Sherry Oliveri-Frazzelle is a competitive cook who works part-time with her dad AND Chutney, her Jack Russell Terrier in Connecticut.

Christine DeSmet writes the Fudge Shop Mystery Series. This series features a sleuth (Ava Oosterling) who is the owner of a copper kettle fudge shop which is located in her grandfather’s bait shop in Wisconsin. Fudge shops make delicious culinary cozy mysteries.

Lesley A. Diehl writes the Microbrewers Mystery Series which features Hera Knighsbridge, a master brewer in New York.

Leighann DobbsLexy Baker Mystery Series – Lexy is a baker who gets help from her grandmother and her friends when solving a mystery.

Pamela DuMond writes the Annie Graceland Mystery Series which features a psychic owner of a bakery

K.J. Emrick writes the Soul Wine Shop Mystery Series, starring the owner of a wine shop.

K.J. EmrickCookie and Cream Mystery Series –  Karen ‘Cookie’ Williams is a grandmom who owns a bakery shop.

Nancy Fairbanks writes the Carolyn Blue Culinary Mystery Series which (of course) features Carolyn… with her husband who happens to be a scientist. The books include recipes. (Fairbanks is also known as Nancy Herndon… who writes the Elena Jarvis mystery series.)

Jerrilyn Farmer ‘s Madeline Bean Mystery Series features Maddie, the owner of Mad Bean Events Catering. Maddie not only caters to the Los Angeles elite, but she also manages to work in time to solve crimes when she’s not whipping up a delicacy.

In 2006, Honora Finkelstein and Susan Smily put out their first novel in the Ariel Quigley Series, which features an English teacher/Psychic sleuth. The novel was nominated for the Best First Novel category of the prestigious Agatha Awards. There are now two novels in the series and both of them have accompanying recipe books.

Amanda Flower (aka Isabella Alan): Amish Candy Shop Mystery Series – Bailey King is a chocolatier in her grandparents’ Swissmen Sweets Amish candy shop in Ohio.

Joanne Fluke is the author of the Cookie Jar Cozy Mystery Series that takes place in Minnesota. Hannah Swensen not only manages the bakery, but she also manages to solve crimes between baking up batches of delicious treats. And, as a special bonus, the recipes of these sweet treats are included in the novels.

Sarah Fox writes the Pancake House Mystery Series, which stars the owner of a restaurant.

Cynthia Gallant-Simpson writes the Nantucket Mystery Series, which features a caterer in Nantucket.

Rosie Genova writes the Italian Kitchen Mystery Series. This series is set in New Jersey and features a sleuth who is a mystery author turned chef.

Daryl Wood Gerber (aka Avery Aames) writes the Cookbook Nook Mystery Series. This series features the owner of a cookbook store, on the California coast.

Nadia Gordon writes the Sunny McCoskey Napa Valley Mystery Series. Sunny is the chef of an organic restaurant in the wine country valley.

Sarah Graves  writes the Death by Chocolate Mystery Series which features Jacobia (Jake) Tiptree, owner of a bakery that specializes in chocolate. This is the continuation of Graves’ very popular Home Repair is Homicide Mystery Series.

Lena Gregory writes the All-Day Breakfast Café Mystery Series. Gia Morelli is owns a diner in Florida.

Kerry Greenwood has the Corinna Chapman Mystery Series which takes place in beautiful Melbourne, Australia, with Corinna being a baker.

Victoria Hamilton pens the Vintage Kitchen Mystery Series, which features Jaymie Leighton, a collector of vintage cookbooks and cookware. Hamilton also writes the Merry Muffin Mysteries, which take place in New York and feature a muffin baker.

Susannah Hardy (aka Sadie Hartwell) writes the Greek to Me Mystery Series, which stars Georgie Nikolopatos, manager of Bonaparte House, a Greek restaurant and historic landmark in upstate New York.

Ellen Hart writes the Sophie Greenway Culinary Mystery Series which features a food critic and magazine editor who solves mysteries on the side.  (Hart also authors another series that is sort of culinary in theme…. the main character is a restaurateur.)

B. B. Haywood writes the Candy Holliday Mystery Series which has as its sleuth, a woman who returns home to Maine to co-manage a blueberry farm with her father. Blueberry-based recipes are included.

Betty Hechtman writes the Yarn Retreat Mystery Series, which features a dessert chef who inherits a yarn retreat business in California.

A.L. Herbert writes the Mahalia Watkins Soul Food Mystery Series, featuring the owner of a sweet tea restaurant in Maryland.

Lee Hollis write the Hayley Powell Food & Cocktail Mystery Series, which features a single mom/sleuth who “runs” a newspaper and writes a newspaper food column.

Mary Ellen Hughes writes the Pickled and Preserved Mystery Series. The sleuth (Piper Lamb) owns a pickles and preserves shop in New York. (Recipes are included.)

Julie Hyzy writes the White House Chef Mystery Series which is obviously set in Washington, D.C., and features an assistant chef at the White House as its sleuth…

Cathie John   Husband and wife duo Cathie and John Celestri pen the Journal of Kate Cavanaugh Culinary Mystery Series, in which Kate is a caterer who solves mysteries. The Cathie part of the duo has a culinary background and the John part adds (what their website describes as) the “quirky” side of the series.

Claire M. Johnson, who writes the Mary Ryan, Pastry Chef Mystery Series.

Leslie Karst: The Sally Solari Mystery Series features an ex-lawyer at an Italian eatery.

Tina Kashian writes the Kebab Kitchen Mystery Series which stars an ex-lawyer who works at her family’s Mediterranean restaurant in New Jersey.

So far, Nina Killham‘s culinary mystery series is only a stand alone book. The Jasmine March Mystery “Series” involves Jasmine March, a cookbook author and gourmet (or is it gourmand?!?) who lives in Washington, D. C. This book was published in 2002, I am not sure if there is another book in the makings…

Josi S. Kilpack writes the Culinary Mystery Series, which features Sadie Hofmiller as its sleuth.

Peter King is the next culinary-theme mystery author. His culinary mystery is set in London, and features a food consultant by the name of Goodwyn Harper. The Goodwyn Harper Mystery Series is unique in that it is written by a real-life Cordon Bleu Chef!

Cecille Lamalle writes the Charly Poisson Culinary Mystery Series. Charly is an amateur detective and a French restaurant owner in New York.

Janet Laurence writes the British Darina Lisle Mystery Series. Darina is a caterer who not only cooks up a storm, but who also is able to search out culprits!

Kylie Logan (aka Miranda Bliss & Casey Daniels) writes the Chili Cook-Off Mystery Series, which features Texan Maxie Pierce.

Kylie Logan (aka Miranda Bliss & Casey Daniels) pens the Ethnic Eats Mystery Series, which stars Laurel Inwood, a Hollywood star’s personal chef who movies to Ohio to cook in her aunt’s greasy spoon diner.

Colette London writes the Chocolate Whisperer Mystery Series, which features Haydon Mundy Moore, traveling consultant and chocolate lover.

Virginia Lowell writes the Cookie Cutter Shop Mystery Series. The series follows the owner of the Gingerbread House Cookie Shop (Olivia Greyson), who solves mysteries when not baking.

Edith Maxwell (aka Maddie Day & Tace Baker): Local Foods Mystery Series – Cam Flaherty is an organic farmer in Massachusetts. The mystery books contain recipes!

C T Mitchell: Lady Margaret Turnbull Culinary Cozy Mysteries; Kate Mackenzie Culinary Cozy Mysteries

Maggie McConnon (aka Maggie Barbieri): Belfast McGrath Mystery Series – Bel is an Irish-American master chef.

Jenn McKinlay (aka Lucy Lawrence) writes the Cupcake Bakery Mystery Series which features the owner of the Fairy Tale Cupcakes Bakery Shop…

Amy Myers writes a culinary mystery series which is quite different from the rest. The Auguste Didier Mystery Series takes place during the late 1800s and early 1900s. Auguste is a master chef who solves mysteries, although not because he wants to…

Carlene O’Connor writes the Irish Village Mystery Series, starring the owner of a family bistro employing her five siblings.

Katherine Hall Page writes a culinary theme mystery series that features a Massachusettes caterer. The Faith Fairchild Cozy Mystery Series provides not only “great reads” but also some very good recipes!

Nancy J. Parra (aka Nancy Coco) writes the Baker’s Treat Mystery Series, which features a gluten-free baker in Kansas.

Joanne Pence  gives us a really good culinary theme cozy mystery series… The Angelina Amalfi Mystery Series features Angie, a food critic.

Shari Randall writes the Lobster Shack Mystery Series which features an ex-ballet dancer who now works at her aunt’s lobster shack in Connecticut.

Virginia Rich is the author who brought us the Eugenia Potter Cozy Mystery Series. The first three books in this culinary cozy mystery series were written by Rich. Nancy Pickard completed the fourth and has since then added the fifth and sixth book to this highly popular series that features Eugenia, a chef/rancher. Although I haven’t tried any of the included recipes, they look great!

Phyllis Richman writes the Chas Wheatley Mystery Series which is about a Washington, D. C. restaurant critic who also sleuths on the side.

Delia Rosen writes the Deadly Deli Mystery Series which features “Nashville Katz” – a woman who inherits her uncles Jewish deli in … Nashville.

Connie Shelton writes the Samantha Sweet Mystery Series. Samantha owns the Sweet’s Sweet bakery in Taos, New Mexico. She is able to use her magical powers to help her solve mysteries, as well as have a wonderful bakery.

Karen Rose SmithDaisy’s Tea Garden Mystery Series stars Daisy Swanson as a mom and widow who has a tea house in Amish country in Pennsylvania.

J. B. Stanley‘s Supper Club Mystery Series features a retired English Literature Professor who belongs to the Flab Five Supper Club with four of his friends. They get together to commiserate about their weight issues and to take issue with crime. The books have recipes which are tasty, yet at the same time healthy fare.

Lou Jane Temple writes two series: Heaven Lee and Spice Box Mystery Series. Aha! The Spice Box Mystery Series is the second culinary mystery series that I have included that is historical in its nature…. Both of the books in this series feature a different time in history and, obviously, different characters. Temple’s Heaven Lee Mystery Series is a present day culinary mystery series.

Joyce Tremel writes the Brewing Trouble Mystery Series, which stars a certified brewmaster and pub owner.


Gayle Trent writes the Daphne Martin Mystery Series which features a cake decorator who has a taste for solving mysteries.

Livia J. Washburn  writes the Fresh Baked Mystery Series whose sleuth is an ex-teacher/turned baker who solves more than the mystery of a soufflé.  Washburn’s second book in the series is a Halloween cozy, and her upcoming third book is a Christmas cozy mystery. I am hoping that we have a new holiday cozy mystery series!

Kirsten WeissPie Town Mystery Series – Valentine Harris is the owner of Pie Town, a pie shop in San Nicholas, California.

Christine Wenger writes the Comfort Food Mystery Series. The sleuth, Trixie Matkowski, manages a diner in a small town in upstate New York.

Linda Wiken (aka Erika Chase) writes the Dinner Club Mystery Series. J.J. Tanner, the sleuth is an even planner and member of the Culinary Capers Dinner Club

Get your culinary cozy mysteries but do watch your waistline.