C T Mitchell The Best Crime Author In The World

Nah – just a drunk in charge of a keyboard would type such rubbish but…….

Who Are The Best Crime Authors?

Interesting question which will no doubt create plenty of comments below. The are no facts that can be applied, just pure opinion. So who in my opinion is the best crime author. Let me count them down:

10. Patricia Cornwell
Having worked as a chief medical examiner herself, Patricia Cornwell brings a lot of authenticity into her
books. You could even say that she is the author that has made forensic science hip leading us to devour
hours of CSI and alike.

9.  Karin Slaughter
Her powerhouse series Will Trent and Grant Country created a legion of fans second to none

8.  Martina Cole
If you love the seedy underworld of London town, you’ll know Martina Cole. Her plots are punchy and have
great twists. If you like it fast paced, Martina is your girl.

7.  Lee Child
Jack Reacher is a rogue, ex Army major you want on your side. He gets revenge on those who have done

6.  P D James
Adam Dalgliesh is her most famous character and the one that helped her to be crowned
Mystery Writers of America Grand master Award in 1999

5. Val McDermid
A tough Scottish lass who pulls no punches in her very graphic crime books. The television series
Wire in the Blood is adapted from her books.

4. Ian Rankin
Inspector John Rebus fits well into Rankin’s brooding novels set around Edinburgh. He was
awarded and OBE for his work.

3. James Patterson
Possibly the world’s most prolific author with over 300 million copies of his books sold.

2. Agatha Christie
The ‘Queen of Crime’ without a doubt and a worthy inclusion in our best crime author selection.

1. Peter James
His Roy Grace novels are legendary having attracted around 20 million in book sales. He is a
recent winner of the Dagger Award.

So there you have my list. Do you agree? Let me know by leaving a comment below. And if you think C T Mitchell is the best crime author in the world, you can comment as well…..ha ha. ha.


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