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Coronavirus And Book Readers: A Humorous Guide To Staying Alive

How Book Readers Can Beat Coronavirus

There’s nothing funny about coronavirus; that’s why I’m putting this article together. We need a laugh in this testing time. Coronavirus is serious. People are dying, economies are plummeting and there seems no end in sight.

But book readers are fortunate. In this guide I’ll discuss how they can be entertained by reading their favorite author without venturing out into the outside world.

  1. Stop believing all the Coronavirus stories

    Recently it was reported the John Travolta was hospitalised for suspected COVID-19, but doctors confirmed that it was only Saturday Night Fever and they assure everyone that he is Staying Alive.

  2. Never travel with Tom Hanks

    His ship got hijacked, his plane crashed, he go stuck in an airport, stranded on an island AND now he’s got coronavirus.

  3. Personal hygiene – wash your hands

    Good old fashion soap is best with hand sanitizes coming in next.

  4. Greeting a friend

    Shaking hands is a bit of a no-no and a peck on the cheek is definitely out. A good old thumbs up is the healthiest way to go.

  5. Work from home if you can

    Keeps you isolated and away from potential harm. This does not apply for those involved in transportation and once again refer to #2

  6. Avoid crowds of 500+

    Book stores may not have 500 visitors at any one time, but they might be places to avoid. Paperbacks maybe unhealthy because they’ve potentially been touched with an infested person.

  7. Fall in love with your Kindle app

    Download a book to your ereader and enjoy it knowing it’s been untouched by human hands, except yours.